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Funly is a world-class readymade short video sharing app in the market. We offer the Funly app on both android and ios. Unleash the power of social media by uploading your videos. More than millions of users are using the Funly application every day. Its time to get viral with this short video application. Show your creativity and use your skill to get famous worldwide. Our application also comes with advanced privacy and safety setting to keep your videos safe and secure.

Social Streaming

Fast Growing

Funly is a fast-growing short video application in the market worldwide with millions of users.

Loved By Teens

Millions of teen users subscribed to our app Funly to make it as a wildly popular video-sharing app.

Discover Short Music

You can use our Funly app to search for trending Short Music videos in the market

Do you want to create a viral audio or video clip? Sign up to funly, the popular video-sharing app, and upload your videos now! Gain popularity worldwide by using our advanced features like in-app recording, editing, and effects. Users can add interactive visual effects to their videos and do lip-sync for short videos ranging from 15 to 60 seconds max.

How Our App Works


Users can easily shoot their videos with their mobile phone cameras easily


After recording the videos, you can use our Funly app to edit the videos after uploading it


Finally, you can also share it in the Funly platform instantly to reach millions of users worldwide.

Live Streaming

Engage with your audience and fans easily with our Live streaming feature that comes with the application.

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Social Sharing

Increase your presence across all social media by using our social sharing feature. Grow your reach on a global scale.

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